We’re back with more answers and solutions for you and The Impossible Test Christmas, picking up after the previous level where we had to deal with the elves. Check out all the part 1 answers for Impossible Test Christmas to make sure that you do everything right.

And now that we’ve got all the way here, let’s keep going and solve the rest of the game with the help of our Impossible Test Christmas answers and cheats:

The Impossible Test Christmas 15: Put the primary Color presents in the Chimney

the impossible test christmas 15 answer

Drag the next presents in the word “chimney”: Yellow, Red, Blue

The Impossible Test Christmas 16: Warm up the hot chocolate

the impossible test christmas 16 answer

Move the cup to the side and tap the “Heat” button

The Impossible Test Christmas 17: How many points are on the poinsettia?

the impossible test christmas 17 answer


The Impossible Test Christmas 18: Tap all the left/right mittens

the impossible test christmas 18 answer

Simply tap the mittens of the indicated directions

The Impossible Test Christmas 19: Make a cookie

the impossible test christmas 19 answer

Tap the letters in order to spell GINGERBREAD

The Impossible Test Christmas 20: Bake the cookie at 425 degrees Fahrenheit

the impossible test christmas 20 answer

Tap the “Bake” word, then hit the up arrow to get the numbers to 425, then tap the “Bake” button again.

The Impossible Test Christmas 21: Which order did the lights appear

the impossible test christmas 21 answer

They are referring to the order of the lights in the second level, and that is: Orange, Green, Red, Blue. Simply draw the bulbs in this order from left to right.

The Impossible Test Christmas 22: Make a snowman from right to left

the impossible test christmas 22 answer

This is a bit more complicated: tap the snowman word twice, then place the smaller snowball over the bigger one. Tap the snowman word again and place the third part. Then tap the right side of the snowman, where the arm would be, then tap above the stick where the hand would be. Tap the snowman’s face, then the top of its head and finally build the left arm as you did with the right one.

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