You don’t really know how to put it when it comes to The Impossible Test: is it a cheats article, a walkthrough or we’re simply providing the answers? With either word you decide to use, the outcome is the same: you have here the complete solution for The Impossible Test Christmas, the great and insanely difficult game with a Christmas flavor.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below The Impossible Test Christmas walkthrough / cheats for the iOS game below:

The Impossible Test Christmas 1: Make it snow

the impossible test christmas 01 answer

Simply shake your device until a tree appears

The Impossible Test Christmas 2: Turn off the Lights

the impossible test christmas 02 answer

Take the “off” word and put it on the tree

The Impossible Test Christmas 3: Make the present burst open

the impossible test christmas 03 answer

Tap and hold the snowballs so that they hit the present until it explodes

The Impossible Test Christmas 4: Cool present! Maybe you should tap it?

the impossible test christmas 04 answer

Just tap the gun

The Impossible Test Christmas 5: Tap Christmas day

the impossible test christmas 05 answer

Simply count on the calendar when the 25th is and tap that square

The Impossible Test Christmas 6: Launch the sleigh

the impossible test christmas 06 answer

Drag the sleigh all the way to the left then release it

The Impossible Test Christmas 7: Stuff the stocking without coal

the impossible test christmas 07 answer

Put the “stuff” word into the stocking

The Impossible Test Christmas 8: Make a snow angel

the impossible test christmas 08 answer

Drag the word “snow” over “angel” then swipe the center of the screen until you have a complete angel

The Impossible Test Christmas 9: Stop the stars from flashing

the impossible test christmas 09 answer

Drag the stars until you reveal a red ball, then tap it.

The Impossible Test Christmas 10: Find the North Pole

the impossible test christmas 10 answer

Turn your device upside down.

The Impossible Test Christmas 11: Scratch the gift card

the impossible test christmas 11 answer

Simply scratch the bottom of the gift card

The Impossible Test Christmas 12: Catch all the icicles when they fall

the impossible test christmas 12 answer

Simply do as told and catch the icicles

The Impossible Test Christmas 13: Hang the Wreath

the impossible test christmas 13 answer

Drag the pin from the left of the screen and put it on the door, then drag the wreath over it.

The Impossible Test Christmas 14: Touch purple, green, red then yellow

the impossible test christmas 14 answer

Take your time and tap the three elves in the indicated order, then tap the “Yellow” word.

And this is it for now. We’re working hard to solve the rest of the puzzles, so stay tuned with us for more solutions. Or, if you don’t want to wait that long, don’t forget that you can purchase the answers as an IAP.

UPDATE: We have published more answers for the puzzles in this game, you can check them out here.


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