FIFA Manager kept evolving as a game on a yearly basis and it appears that FIFA Manager 11 will be the best title of them all and I’m more than certain that it will have a chance to be crowned, for the first time probably, the best football management game of the year. And what a great feature that will be since this year is the 10th Anniversary of the game!

And I am saying that not just because I am a fan of the game, but because the newly announced extra features will certainly rock FIFA Manager 11. Check out the most important of them all:

Improved Line-up and Tactics
– New tactics wizard and li ne-up assistant for beginners
– Games uses a screen resolution of up to 1920×1200 for the tactical settings on the pitch
– New deep tactical options to set attacking and defending positions for every player
– Additional tactical options for corner kicks and goal kicks

New Transfer Market
– Summer is the time for the big deals
– Special newspaper reports show the progress of the negotiations
– The new pre-negotiation screen explains the player’s situation and wishes for the future.
– On the transfer preparations screen the manager can talk to the media about players of other clubs.

Extended Online Mode
– 60 different new Action Items for more direct influence during the match and on the transfer market (basically this is a card system, but we are not allowed to call it so => there are no players involved, just actions like “Boost Morale”)
– New youth player draft (twice per season)
– Sponsor Missions (e.g. extra money for the manager who manages to achieve the longest winning streak)

Community Wishes
– Contract negotiations with youth players
– Special presentation of derbies (e.g. “Old Firm”)
– New cup draw presentation
– Pure Football
– New rating system
– New experience system

As you can see, there are tons of new additions that turn FIFA Manager 11 into a better, more complex title that also comes with a cherry on top: the separate World Cup Mode that allows you to replay the 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa and make sure that Germany wins the trophy, as they should’ve.