Ten years ago, a challenger for Sports Interactive’s Football Manager was born under the name of FIFA Manager. Since then, the game kept evolving and improving while trying to mix and match a more casual gameplay with a complete simulation. And even though diehard Football Manager fans couldn’t understand FIFA Manager – or get used with it – the game is one of the highest quality. And the 11th episode is about to begin this Fall.

FIFA Manager 11 includes a host of new feature enhancements including an improved tactics system, a much more realistic transfer market and an extended online mode that offer easier access to novice players while providing a deeper experience for existing fans.

FIFA Manager 11 delivers a host of improvements aimed at making the game the most authentic of the series to date, while lowering the barrier of entry for first time players. More experienced football managers will appreciate the new and improved tactics system which allows for quicker and deeper involvement. A new and highly polished pitch screen allows the manager to quickly set instructions for individual players as well as for the entire team’s playing style – including increased control of set-pieces and offensive/defensive player movement orders.

Further enhancements include new cup draws, a special status for Derby matches, a revised player level system, a new experience system, a new player search system and a World Cup tournament that can be played separately to the main game. In addition, the transfer period has been changed to mirror the real life football calendar.

Expect to see FIFA Manager 2011 released this fall.