The real time strategy genre is finally moving online with the launch of World of Battles, Frogwares’ free to play game that was just released to impress gamers all over the world. With nine races set in a fantasy medieval world, fighting for total domination, World of Battles is one of the most promising MMORTS game I’ve seen recently.

Before launching into your first battles, you’ll need to prepare your fighting troops. If you don’t, your army will surely take a beating. A very high level of customization for your army is available. Equip your units with better weapons and armors and watch their effects on the battlefield!

The management gameplay then switches to pure real time strategy. Take command of your armies and show everyone who’s the greatest War Lord in the desolated lands of World of Battles. You can also join friends to confront other clans in titanic and epic wars in which tactics and team work will be essential to claim victory.

World of Battles is free to download an play so you certainly have nothing to lose in giving it a try. While you download the relatively big game client from the game’s official website, sit back and check out a World of Battles trailer to get you in the mood for some medieval warfare: