No, it’s not “Dark Side” said by somebody who has problems pronouncing words, it’s really Captains of Darktide, an upcoming MMORPG created by Silverlode. The twist that makes the game really worthwile? It’s a fantasy naval MMORPG (and browser-based too) that’s free to play and is ready to go into the closed beta stage. Pretty cool!

Beta signups for Captains of Darktide begin today at the game’s official website, where players who register will be among the first to preview Silverlode’s new fantasy world so head over there and give it a shot – you have nothing to lose, after all. Nothing but a few ships, maybe…

Unlike other pirate titles, Captains of DarkTide is set in a fantasy realm, combining magic and gunpowder, dragons and steamships, elves and orcs… Through questing and crafting, players will acquire fire-belching or lighting-spitting cannons, and can crew up with everything from orc snipers to dwarven bombardiers to dragon-summoning dark elves; and for all you undead fans, yes, even the lich and his minions are included. And that, my friends, no matter how you put it, sounds incredibly nice!

So head over to the game’s website and check the game out. It might just be the next big thing!