An Alpha version of the upcoming major World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, has been released and, as it usually happens, a ton of new screenshots have been leaked, as well as some additional information about this new zone and new talents players should expect.

Website MMO-Champion has the screenshots (click the link to visit the website and check out all the screenshots) of two new Cataclysm zones: Uldum and the Grim Batol Raid, plus Durotar and Mulgore (the last two being already released in the past, but we didn’t spot them here in the Unigameisty).

The new talent calculators are also of interest to WoW fans, offering a glimpse to some new skills and skill trees that weren’t previously mentioned by Blizzard. However, all the information is from an early Alpha stage, which means that everything could change drastically by the time Cataclysm hits the servers.

The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion was announced in 2009 and it will bring in a host of changes, including two new races, an increased level cap and nine new dungeons plus six raids. In other words it will certainly be a reason of joy for the millions of WoW players all over the world!