While you wait for your crops to be ready, or your energy to refill, you can try a fast paced and really addictive game that has just been launched on Facebook: Spoing, an application in which you must test your skills at aiming, shooting and moving as fast as possible. Which, by the way, might not be our best traits after so much static gaming…

The goal of Spoing is pretty simple: you have a ball trapped in an underground, there are lots of slingshots there and you must reach the exit. The faster, the better, since you earn new balls based on your performance and it’s balls you need in order to play the game (no, really, I am talking about classic balls you can show in public!). The nice thing about Spoing is that in some higher levels you have no slingshots, so you must build them by double clicking where you think they should be. Even more, there are power-ups that stop time from one to four seconds, so you can always hope to get better at this game.

However, the truth is that Spoing is quite difficult – but addictive – even though it’s not your regular social game. Actually, except for online leaderboards that allow you to see how fast you were compared to your friends, there are no other social options – not even free gifts, which kind of limits the viral nature of the game. But since it’s still in Beta, we can only hope for newer social features sometime in the future.

Until then, play Spoing by yourself and try to get the best times!