Frontierville is playing with fire once again. Things are definitely heating up in the homestead with new fire themed items that are now available in the Market. There are nine new items in Frontierville. Five of which are limited edition.

The five Limited Edition Items are:

  • Ring of Fire (45 Horseshoes)
  • Smoke Signaler (35 Horseshoes)
  • Chugging Burner (35,000 Coins)
  • Wood Bin (2,500 Coins 25 Wood)
  • Wood Pile (1,500 Coins 15 Wood)

The four permanent Fire Theme Items added to the Market are:

  • Hot Furnace (20 Horseshoes)
  • Raised Campfire (5 Horseshoes)
  • Tiki Torch (10 Horseshoes)
  • Log Campfire (6,000 Coins 30 Wood)

Aside from these Fire Themed items, Frontierville also introduced nine new Mystery Animals in the game. You can get one by buying a Mystery Animal Crate from the Market. The new Mystery Animals are:

  • Brown Alpaca
  • Pink Alpaca
  • White Alpaca
  • Brown Ferret
  • Grey Ferret
  • White Ferret
  • Blue Turtle
  • Green Turtle
  • Red Turtle

The Fire Themed Items and the Mystery Animals are just some items you can use to decorate your homestead. Do you like the new theme? What can you say about the new Mystery Animals?