There’s a new most wanted item in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the White Lightsaber Crystal or White Crystal after SWTOR player Catch posted a screenshot on the official Old Republic forums showing his new finding, the image you can see to the left and the one you’ll certainly want to get: the White Lightsaber. Of course, there’s one huge question that remains unanswered now: how to get the White Crystal, because nobody seems to know where to find it exactly.

And Catch ain’t telling, although he did give a few hints, to make things a bit more interesting for the searching parties and not to allow anybody to actually get their hands on such a special item.

White Crystals were available during the early Star Wars: The Old Republic beta stages, as loot from one of Aladeraan’s world bosses, but until then none was seen anymore. Of course players rushed to fight the bosses in hopes of finding the white crystal, but none was given.

Other reports say that you could get the White Lightsaber Crystal by performing a series of quests that involve the dead Tauntauns on Hoth or the Well Fed Womp Rat on Tattoine (which reports say that Catch himself was seen killing… but at the moment all the “details” on how to find the White Crystal are nothing but speculations.

However, it is clear that the crystal itself exists somewhere in the game and sooner rather than later, it will be found and people will know how to get it. If you have this information right now, please share it with us: there are so many people wishing to get their hands on the white crystal!