susan-boyle-sims3You have probably heard about Susan Boyle by know: she’s the woman that shocked the entire world with her incredible voice during a Britain’s Got Talent show. Slowly, she became a huge hit, even though lately her popularity (as it generally happens with YouTube superstars) started to go down.

Still, Electronic Arts seems to care a lot about the singer and they have decided to create a special Sims 3 video just for her – a “Good luck, Susan!” video.

As you can see in the clip below, Susan isn’t singing in Simlish (which is really sad), but she is acting like a superstar, even giving a phone call to Queen Elizabeth and President Obama. Of course, despite the little intended tribute, the clip’s main goal is to showcase the deep character customization of The Sims 3, and I think it manages to do that greatly.

Either way, check out the Susan Boyle Sims 3 video below and remember – The Sims 3 gets into the stores on June 2, even though a buggy version of the Sims 3 was leaked already.