quakeliveAlthough, as I wrote in my Quake Live analysis, id Software’s online shooter was addictive and of great quality, it indeed has a bit too few maps for the users. Fortunately, now that the developers are mostly done with the tweaks and bug fixes, things will change map-wise, too, thanks to a “Six Maps in Six Weeks” campaign started by id.

Therefore, this week will bring us the second new map in the free to play FPS, Quake Live, following the remake of a map from the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena, named “Hidden Fortress”.

Hitting tomorrow, this new map is a Capture the Flag one, titled Siberia. And, exactly as the title suggests, it will feature lots of heavy snow and snowy locales. It will also be quite a big map, perfect for 6 to 12 players. This new upcoming Quake Live map was created by designer Yan Ostretsov, the same guy who created the popular IronWorks, so he knows what he’s doing. But, in the end, we’ll see tomorrow how good this new map is.