Square Enix has decided to put Final Fantasy games and clones away and go for some hardcore real time strategy. Therefore the company has teamed up with Gas Powered Games and, as a result of their love, we’ll see a little child born (probably more than nine months after this announcement): Supreme Commander 2.

The sequel to the highly appreciated original, Supreme Commander 2 only exists as a name right now for the media since absolutely no details were offered about the game, but following a brief press statement, it appears that both companies are happy to be working together. And as long as no Cid will appear in SC2, I think gamers have all reasons to be excited, too.

“Gas Powered Games is an accomplished development house that has demonstrated its ability to successfully create and develop intellectual properties,” said John Yamamoto, president and CEO of Square Enix. “We are extremely excited to begin working with Gas Powered Games’ talented personnel and see this strategic partnership as a significant step in our efforts to bring Square Enix titles to a broader global audience.”

We’re waiting for details now, so make sure to check back!