Have you followed the list of “to do” things in the New Xbox Experience? If you did, this means that you already have your own avatar and are very happy with him or her. Well… it’s time to put on the best clothes and get ready to meet some celebrities, since they’re coming to the NXE too. The tasty Sugababes, to be more specific.

Therefore, by having their avatars featured in the newly launched (and still a bit buggy) service, Sugababes become the first band to be featured in NXE, so they surely pushed the right button!

According to The Mirror, Sugababe Amelle Berrabah said: ”When we tried the karaoke game Lips on the New Xbox Experience you couldn’t get us off it. It was fun but it all got a bit competitive!”

Hopefully the girls won’t get that competitive this night when they have to perform a show in London to mark the launch of the new console. Maybe some Gorillaz-like holograms prepared as a surprise from Microsoft? I know, I’m asking for too much already!