With everybody hyped by the launch of the New Xbox Experience, it would be no wonder if you found yourself lost while trying to experience all the new options. However, Major Nelson has a word of advice and I’d tend to believe him and his top 10 things to do in NXE.

First, you should start by creating your Avatar and make sure it will be done exactly as you want it to be – the Avatar will kind of become your alter ego, so you must pay attention to details. Then snap a Gamer Picture and celebrate. For real. Check the Xbox Live parties, choose the friends to invite a get a party started. It’s easy and very fun!

The hyped Netflix should also be given a go, even if there are some voices blaming Sony for blocking some videos. Still, it’s a first for the console – HD steaming is cool! Also, take a look at Community Games in the Games Marketplace. For the first time in the history of console gaming, thousands of games developed by the creative community will be available to the public.

These are a few (and most important) of the advices. For the full top ten things to do in the New Xbox Experience, visit Major Nelson and follow his advice!