There’s one thing everybody is talking about nowadays: the New Xbox Experience. And, no matter how hard we tried not to let ourselves drawn into the middle of the storm, we just didn’t resist its strength so, here we are, ready to share with you two important NXE videos (while we watch them one more time, amazed), as well as a little surprise.

The New Xbox Experience (a bit more than just a very cool Dashboard update) was initially announced at this year’s E3 media summit and promised lots of goodies. One of the most important things to be brought to all users (Gold and Silver) is the ability to watch streaming videos, including HD ones! Also, a very Nintendo Wii-like option will be featured in the upcoming Xbox 360 Experience: users will have the ability to create Avatars, some cute little fellows that resemble the Miis a lot. But that does not matter too much right now with all the excitement growing and going to reach huge levels. The New Xbox Experience is here! So just sit back and enjoy!

And here is the intro video that makes everything seem possible (including the illusion that today’s graphics are much better than they actually are). But let’s not criticize the New Xbox Experience and watch the NXE intro video below:

And, if we started with Microsoft, I say we should stick to it – but let’s just leave the Xbox Experience away for a second and watch a really, really cool Lips gameplay video/commercial. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the game to be that fun and entertaining as it seems. If it came with the female companions as well, for singing practice of course, it would’ve been the perfect title this year! Check the four minute long Lips video below: