stronghold-kingdomsFirefly Studios have announced that their beloved Stronghold franchise will get a new title – a MMO game simply named Stronghold Kingdoms. But, boy, this is a real reason for joy, for all the fans of the Stronghold franchise, as well as real time strategy fans.

According to Eurogamer, Firefly’s founder Simon Bradbury said about the upcoming project: “We are in a closed alpha today and will be launching a much bigger beta towards the end of this year. Any MMO – even a different one like ours – takes time to brew up, as I’m sure you know. So that time frame puts us at about 60 per cent complete!”

Yet, as you can see in the image that follows this post, the game looks great. The gameplay in the Stronghold Kingdoms, a real time strategy experience, revolves around the stronghold’s expansion via promotions, as well as the classic activities like farming, exploring, and most certainly going to war. But things won’t stop here, as Firefly promise a political community as well, with various factions and elections, simulating a medieval world as real as possible.

There are no estimated release dates – nor details regarding the upcoming beta, but I’ll be keeping my eyes on the project and let you know!