star-trek-onlineCryptic Studios seems to become the main studio Atari trusts since a recent listing showed that the developers are working, except for Star Trek Online and Champions Online on other Atari properties. And we’ve got no reasons to be upset because of that, right?

However, that’s not the main point of discussion now, but the future of Start Trek Online, which is scheduled to be released in the last fiscal quarter of this year, which, as funny as it sounds, means “early 2010” in Earth-language.

This news regarding a possible fast release of the highly anticipated Star Trek MMO is clearly great news at first, but we shouldn’t get too excited, though: Cryptic picked up Star Trek Online from the now defunct Perpetual Entertainment in January 2008 only, and are already planning the release. This would be a very short development period and, given the fact that no actual gameplay footage has been released yet, being a bit cautious right now wouldn’t hurt anybody.

But I guess that we’ll see exactly if Star Trek Online is a rushed out product when the release date gets closer. Until then, even though still cautious, all we can do is hope for the best.