steam-During the Steam Dev Days Conference, (which is a developers-only conference attended by Steam developers), Valve has announced that the total number of Steam users has topped 75 million. This is a 15 percent increase from when Valve announced they surpassed 65 million users in October.

Since that announcement, which was 3 months ago, Steam has seen two major sales. The Thanksgiving sale in November, and the much larger holiday sale in December. Valve also provided an interesting pie-graph that details the worldwide Steam sales by regions.


As expected 81 percent of the Steam sales come from North America and western Europe. Both have an even-split between the 81 percent shared, with North America just ahead by only one percent.

Russia and Brazil, meanwhile, saw significant increases in sales in 2013 from the previous year. There is a 128 percent increase in Russia, and a 75 percent increase in Brazil.

Valve will have several different versions of their Steam Machines available starting in September, with Alienware launching their version first. Pricing for the Alienware Steam Machine has not been revealed, but the company did promise it’l be competitively priced with the PS4 and Xbox One.