I hope you have opened your Coffee Machine in Cafe World by now since today is the big day when the new feature went live and became completely functional, bringing the much sought-after coffee to Cafe World! In this article I will share with you all the details regarding the Cafe World Coffee Machine, plus the list of coffee you can brew, so you can consider it a guide for the new feature.

Here is how the Coffee Machine works in the game:

There is a new energy bar in the upper part of the screen, and that energy is used to prepare coffee. You can only brew one pot at a time (up to 10 cups), so you’ll have to sell them all before being allowed to start a new one.

The coffee machine in Cafe World lets you interact directly with customers – just brew any kind of coffee you prefer by clicking the machine and selecting the type of your choice, and start looking for a small coffee icon appearing over the heads of your customers. Then, quickly click the coffee bubble and you’ll serve them coffee! You can also do this while they’re walking, which is rather fun! Have in mind, though, that you can’t serve them coffee after they start eating, so you’ll have to be quick about it.

Right now, only the basic coffee can be brewed in Cafe World:

Cup o’Joe: 5 servings, costs 9 energy. Rewards 21 coins, + 2.1 buzz boost, +1 Cafe Points
Dark Roast: 6 servings, costs 22 energy. Rewards 55 coins, + 2.2 buzz boost, +4 Cafe Points
Decaf Coffee: 8 servings, costs 35 energy. Rewards 132 coins, + 0.7 buzz boost, +3 Cafe Points
Gourmet Blend: 9 servings, costs 43 energy. Rewards 18 coins, + 2.1 buzz boost, +9 Cafe Points

Pretty soon, more coffee types will be coming, plus the option to hire one of our friends as barista, so it’s definitely a feature to watch!