FarmVille is one year old and, apart from tons of items being added to the game – I wrote about them yesterday – Zynga decided to offer us two really nice gifts: a hot air balloon and a brand new limited edition crop. It’s time to sing Happy Birthday to FarmVille!

First of all, the hot air balloon or 1-Year Balloon is a gift every FarmVille player will receive in their gift box as a thank you for playing from the game’s developers. The message reads: “It’s party time! Today, FarmVille celebrates 1 year of farming! To thank you all for playing, we’d like to give you a special present. Check out Gift Box!”

And the second present is a brand new limited edition crop, the Cupcakes. This new “crop” can only be purchased until the 1st of July, but it delivers some great stats: the Cupcakes cost 25 coins and can be harvested in 8 hours, generating 60 coins and 1 XP. Pretty awesome!

Some people were expecting some huge features to be released with FarmVille’s first anniversary, but it seems that just new items and some gifts were planned by Zynga. Well.. it’s still better than nothing, don’t you agree?