Pet Society has always been a staunch supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. Its new collection is the Underwater Habitat and it features several marine creatures. These items will be available this Monday.

There are three sea creatures to choose from. These are the WWF Baby Orca Whale, WWF Baby Humpback Whale, and the WWF Baby Blue Whale. These marine mammals can swim in aquariums if you have one that’s big enough for them.

Pet Society is also offering the WWF Underwater Grotto. Once you buy this underwater habitat, it will unlock the WWF Underwater Grotto Room, which is an aquarium that’s big enough to house your sea creatures. You can decorate it with a WWF Deep Sea Arch.

Also available is the WWF Sea Turtle Plushie if you don’t want whales. You can buy the whole set with the WWF Underwater Bundle. It is cheaper than buying the items individually. The price has not been announced yet. We’ll let you know immediately once it is released.

Support WWF by buying these items in Pet Society. These gentle giants need all the help they can get.