startrekonlineOne of the hottest new MMOs to be released in 2010, Star Trek Online is preparing to enter the beta testing stage today, January 12th and will run for two weeks until January 26 – a period of time in which the developers from Cryptic will strive to fix any bugs or problems that might appear so that the full game experience when the game launches is flawless.

In order to have early access to Star Trek Online, you need a beta key. In order to get a beta key, you either have to be very lucky and get one from any beta key giveaway that takes place somewhere over the internet or to pre-order STO – every pre-order box comes with a beta key that grants you access to “Space, the final frontier” early on.

Funnily enough, this beta testing stage is called “Open Beta” – even though not everybody is free to test the game out. But that’s life – not fair for all of us, especially for those who are not willing to pay some cash.

Those who did, however, pre-order Star Trek Online, will not only have guaranteed access to the open beta, but they’ll also get a head start on January 29, four days before the full and highly anticipated launch of the MMO from Cryptic. Stay tuned for more details as beta impressions start to appear over the internet!