starwarsJust yesterday I posted an article about the best upcoming MMO games in 2010 and Star Wars: The Old Republic grabbed the number one spot. Unfortunately, today I bring you some really sad news: the highly anticipated MMORPG from Electronic Arts and BioWare has been delayed to 2011 due to financial problems of the giant publisher.

EA’s CEO John Riccitiello said, during the latest financial update of the publisher, that: “One key driver is going to be the launch date of our major MMO. As it stands today, the game is making great progress towards a spring 2011 launch.”

This sounds like a rather strange decision, having in mind that first beta testing stages kicked off late last year, but probably they know better. And we can’t be completely upset because of this news – I’m sure nobody would’ve wished for a Star Wars MMO game released in 2010, but an incomplete and flawed one. However, due to this delay to “spring 2011” EA and BioWare will be forced to deliver a really high quality and nearly perfect MMORPG.

Either way, this is some great news for Star Trek Online, don’t you think?


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