PS4 and Xbox OneSony and Microsoft have stated that they’ll honor Xbox One and PS4 Blockbuster pre-orders, despite the long running chain officially closing. Blockbuster UK have revealed that both Sony and Microsoft are casting aside these launch day consoles for valid pre-orders.

Anyone who has pre-ordered via Blockbuster will have to fill out this form by midnight November 7. Any forms handed in after this date will be invalid. After submitting the form Blockbuster will verify the pre-order details before passing the form to Sony and/or Microsoft.

“We continue to issue refunds of console deposits for those people who have contacted Blockbuster; but regardless of whether you have received your refund yet, please fill in this form so you don’t lose out on your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 day 1 editions,” Blockbuster said.

“Please note, you will be buying your console from Microsoft directly or Sony’s fulfillment partner–you will not be buying from Blockbuster,” the statement continues. “Our involvement is to ensure that everyone who pre-ordered in advance with Blockbuster has the opportunity to get their console of choice on day of release.”

Blockbuster canceled all pre-orders for next-gen systems last month due to entering into administration. Parent company Dish Network has officially announced that all remaining Blockbuster stores will officially close by January 2014.