There are quite a few wonders in SimCity Social, special items that you can unlock after reaching a specific population milestone in the game or after completing some SimCity Social quests. These are really impressive structures to have in your city – they’re Wonders, after all – and I am here to share with you the details about them: how to get each wonder in SimCity Social and what special “powers” they give you and your city.

So let’s check out everything about the SimCity Social Wonders in the order of their appearance:

Granite Mountain
Unlocks after: 1,000 population
Gives: +4 energy, Plumbob Monument

Wild Horses
Unlocks after: Animal Farm Lvl 1
Gives: +4 energy, Horse Ranch, +25 population for cleaning

Wild Giraffes
Unlocks after: Animal Farm Lvl 1
Gives: +4 energy, +25 population for cleaning

Abductor Beam Unite
Unlocks after: UFO Crash Site
Gives: +3 energy

Fossil Dig
Unlocks after: Population 20,000

Gappin Crevasse
Unlocks after: Population 100,000

Magma Veins
Unlocks after: Population 100,000

Ancient Ruins
Unlocks After: Zoo Level 2

Alien Power Source
Unlocks After: Computer Factory Level 1

Jutting Granite Rock
Unlocks after: 3,500 population

Unlocks after: History Museum Level 2

Pandoran Tree
Unlocks after: 8,000 Population

Bubbling Swamp
Unlocks after: 5,000 population

Scape Pod
Unlocks after: 4,000 population
Gives: +3 energy

Diamond Mine
Unlocks after: High Tech Mine Level 1

Skull Cave
Unlocks after: 100,000 population

Murial Mound
Unlocks after: Botanical Garden Level 2

HyperSpace Module
Unlocks after: 3,000 population
Gives: +3 energy

Crater Lake
Unlocks after: 100,000 population

Ancient Chalk Art
Unlocks after: History Museum Level 1
Gives: +4 energy

And these are the current wonders that you can get in SimCity Social. If you have any information about the rewards they give, please post them in the comment section below so that we can complete this guide. Thanks!


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