legouniverseAll you Lego fans who want more than just Indiana Jones, Star Wars or Rock Bands… the Lego Universe will soon open its gates and it’s awaiting for beta testers sign-ups! Therefore you can make history – if the game proves that special and spectacular to become a historic event. Which I doubt…

Either way, sign ups for the Lego Universe Beta have kicked off and you can try your luck by completing the form found here on the official page.

Lego Universe takes place in an alternate universe populated by Lego minfigures. A dark force known as the Maelstrom seeks to rid their world of imagination. Great plans are in place to push back the power of the Maelstrom, and restore harmony to the universe. Players will join together to help the people of the Lego Universe battle the Maelstrom and its Darkling army. The game is expected to hit the servers as a full product sometime in 2010, according to the Wiki.



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