I’m sure that Runes of Magic fans are thrilled now that the third chapter of the game, The Elder Kingdoms, has been announced by Frogster. Tons of new content will arrive to your favorite MMO and more details will be made official while the release date of Runes of Magic Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms draws closer. Below is the official data about the upcoming release:

“Many new challenges await you on the new continent. Let your character experience new adventures and reach the next level cap (Lv. 60)!

Enjoy the expanded skill system, allowing for more specialized characters and giving you more tactical options to master even the hardest fights.

Explore three new huge cities in all their glory and equip yourself for all the tasks at hand.

Fight against other players on the new “Tyrefen-Mountains” battlefield, climb to the top of the PvP ladder and earn yourself valuable rewards with the revamped Battlefield Reward System.

Or venture into the depths of the new instances, trying your courage battling mighty enemies, taking their possessions – powerful weapons and armour – as a prize.

With Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms, guilds will be able to besiege the opponent’s castle with new siege weapons. New guild-quests are to be mastered and new castle extensions will ensure that your guild will be victorious in the coming major guild-vs-guild wars.

But despite all the fighting, loving couples will finally be able to take the vow. The long awaited wedding chapel will be opened to all Taboreans.”

Really exciting news, right?