runescapeRunescape is a well shaped online game which was created in 1999. This is a reflection on the game for new members and older members to try and find a happy medium so they quit saying ones a noob or has no life… or both in the same conversation. So, you know you are addicted to Runescape when

1. When you try and quit 7 times and yet your still playing the game.
2. When you skip school/work just to play the game!
3. Your addicted when you reaach 200m exp in any stat (this is an amazing feat in the world of Runescape).
4. When you stat speeking in l33t talk with your friends,words like (Noob, Nub, Haxx, wtf, ftw).
5. When you can’t leave an area even though your already 99 and your friend are saying you have a problem. (I’m 99 fishing and still enjoy the fishing guild)
6. When you dance when ever you see one of your friends by following each other in circles.
7. Last but not least a sign your getting addicted is when your getting angry over small parts of the game.

So many time i have been called a noob until they find out my stats and then 5 minutes later I am portrayed as not having a life. It a game, enjoy it while you play there is more to the game then just gp and skills, Its the interaction with people that individual that make the game enjoyable the fact I know 49 year old women that play and 12 year old kids that is a wide gap for both generations to grasp.!