Even though I was not a fan of the Star Trek saga, I did find Cryptic’s MMO quite enjoyable and I still have some great time playing it. However, I realized that since there are so many species in the game, it would be great to have an article talking about all of them. We’ll start with a guide on the Federation Species in Star Trek Online, pointing out the advantages and bonuses each species has. So read on to make it easier for you to understand the different species in STO:

1. Andorian Species
Aggressive and ritual, this blue-skinned species is easily recognizable due to its color and the antennas (which are also their main weakness). One of the founder species of the Federation, the Andorians have the following bonus: Acute Senses (+20% Stealth Sight and +10% Exploit Damage).

2. Bajoran Species
An ancient, artistic race, the Bajorans are not as skilled in combat as other races, but getting bonuses from their increased spirituality. The Bajoran Species looks like the Humans, with the exception of the distinct nose ridges. The Bajorans have the following bonuses: Creative (+5% Damage and Healing with Kits) and Spiritual (+10% Heals Received and +10% Regeneration).

3. Benzite Species
Another blue skinned species, the Benzites are relatively new to the Federation. They look like a catfish and they can’t breathe the regular air so they either wear a respiration device or genetically modify their bodies to be able to survive within the Federation. However, this makes the Benzites more resistant to some threats, granting them the following bonuses:Natural Armor (Resist Energy and Physical Damage) and Natural Immunities (Radiation and Toxic Damage Resistance).

4. Betazoid Species
Looking a lot like humans (with the only difference being the black eye color), the Betazoids are telepathic and peaceful. This species receives the following bonuses: Empathic (Reduces Threat Generation, Increases Team Regeneration) and Telepathic (Increases Perception, Exposure Duration and Chance).

5. Bolian Species
Yet another blue-skinned Federation Species, the Bolians are honest and outspoken. Physically, they are generally bald and their specific cartilage on the tongue allows them to eat things other races can’t. This species receives the following bonus: Corrosive Blood (+20% Toxic Resistance, Deals Toxic Damage when Bitten).

6. Human Species
Well, you kind of know about this species – the only notable in-game difference being the fact that they generally live 120 years. The Humans receive the following bonuses: Leadership (+15% Repair Rate) and Teamwork (+5% Team Exploit Damage)

7. Saurian Species
A reptilian race, the Saurians have some really tough bodies and love watery areas. They are also really powerful, receiving the following bonuses: Circulatory Redundancies (Toxic, Fire and Plasma DoT Damage Resistance), Acute Senses (+20% Stealth Sight and +10% Exploit Damage)

8. Trill Species (and Joined Trills)
This is a really unique species that sometimes are joined with a symbiotic life form. They are great ambassadors and the only thing that makes them different to humans is the set of spots that descend down each side of their body from forehead to toe. They only get one bonus: Hyper Metabolism (Health Regeneration, Radiation and Toxic Resistance)

9. Vulcan Species
Probably the most beloved species thanks to the Star Trek series, the Vulcans are logical and stoic and they ignore all emotions. This species, therefore, gets the following bonuses: Logical (+30% Psionic, Confuse and Placate Resistance) and Physical Strength (+10% Melee Damage).

These are the Federation species in Star Trek Online! Now that you know everything about them – which one will you choose?