ohai_login_panel_01_r_02_aA couple of days ago I wrote about the great vampire MMORPG on Facebook, City of Eternals, today I have some great news for those who are playing the game: Unigamesity and Ohai, the game’s developers, are offering for FREE 100 Ohais (the in-game virtual currency) to each of the first 100 City of Eternals players to click the link below. New vampires or established ones, take advantage of the City of Eternals Giveaway while it lasts!

What do you have to do to get the free 100 Ohais for City of Eternals? Just click this link (works only from this website, so don’t try copying and pasting it anywhere else) and hope that you’re amongst the first 100 players to do so. There is no information for you to complete, nothing: just click the link and get the free in-game money!

Now here’s some info about the game, if you haven’t tried it yet:

ohai_login_panel_02_r_03_In City of Eternals, instead of watching vampires, players can become them, fighting undead monsters, going on creepy quests, and exploring New Valencia, a modern city secretly ruled by four Vampire houses. Players can create their own coven of Vampires (called an “entourage”), turn themselves into an ultimate Vampire warrior, even develop craft skills that enhance their undead lives. (For example, players can make themselves a “fashionista,” and customize their Vampire outfit to make it the talk of the town.) City of Eternals gamers can own and furnish their own home, befriend fellow Vampire players – or even romance them, by designating them your Blood Mate.

So have fun and let us all know what did you buy with your free City of Eternals Ohai!