With the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine getting closer and closer (we can say that May 2009 is close, right?), Activision has decided to offer just a bit of extra details about their game based on the Hollywood movie with the same name, to keep us hooked and asking for more. So read on to find out these details for this Raven Software developed title!

According to Activision, the game will feature a true-to-character Wolverine gameplay, taking the players beyond the movie’s storyline: you’ll get a lot of exploring to do, from the Weapon X facility to the jungles of Africa and beyond. You will have to hone your animal instincts and uncover hidden dangers, hunt and destroy enemies, and take on seemingly insurmountable situations while discovering the truth about Wolverine’s tragic past.

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine amps up the action by bringing to life Wolverine’s wholly unique skills such as his brute strength, regenerative mutant abilities, and indestructible adamantium claws and skeleton in an immersive experience that is fitting to one of the most enduring and popular characters of all time,” said Rob Kostich, vice president, global brand management, Activision Publishing.

Activision promise that the game will offer us intense, fast combat sequences where evasive maneuvers, in-depth combo attacks, and an array of brutal finishing moves will charm the players (and I must admit that it sounds good). But we’ll see for ourselves in May 2009, when X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets released for all the gaming platforms and handhelds available on market.