A rather slow start of the week regarding new game-related videos, which is quite strange having in mind that companies should do their best in order to boost their sales up during this holiday season. However, that’s not my problem after all and, as long as we still have a couple of really cool videos – a Batman teaser video and a marketing campaign from EA, things are OK with me.

We’ll start the Video Watch feature with a Batman: Arkham Asylum teaser trailer for the upcoming action-adventure title from Ubisoft. To be honest, when I first heard about this game I wasn’t very excited and the previous Batman video you’ve seen in our Video Watch feature didn’t give me too many reasons to change my mind. However, this teaser does its job and now I am really looking forward to see more from this upcoming title: it not only looks awesomely cool, but it also appears to go for a more horror approach. Which would be great. However, I still have some waiting left to do, since Eidos and Warner have no release date set for Batman: Arkham Asylum – but at least we know it’s coming in 2009. Until more details are released, check the teaser trailer below:

Now we’ll continue with a Mirror’s Edge video, one used by Electronic Arts to promote the upcoming PC version of the parkour game. Trying to offer us a video that goes viral, EA fails because they forgot one super-important aspect: Faith. If the publishers would’ve found a girl to star in their video, things would’ve been completely different. However, this is by no means a poor video clip. Just see for yourself: