Perspective issues that usually caused me to plummet 50 stories to my death more times than I like to count but a stylistic original entry in its day, DICE and Electronic Art’s first person parkour game Mirror’s Edge was a 2008 treat.

Now during 203’s E3, the new trailer for the follow up of Mirror’s Edge, creatively titled Mirror’s Edge 2, just aired to the ooh’s & aah’s of Mirror’s Edge fans. And it’s definitely coming… “when it’s ready.”

It’s a beautiful piece of pre-rendered cinematic with occasional seizures of game play. Perhaps to sway even more people into the game, DICE and Electronic Arts will provide a functioning demo to show how improved the game has become. And it’ll show how I can stop making those blind leaps of faith like that the final challenge of Indiana Jones’ quest for the Holy Grail.


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