I’m sure that many computer games fanboys were a bit disappointed with the fact that God of War was (and is) a Playstation exclusive. Fortunately, Electronic Arts and Klei Entertainment had a great idea and decided to create Shank, a game that seems to feel like GoW – or be even better!

Basically “just” a side scrolling action game, Shank has some amazing animations, impressive visuals and it’s filled with blood and gore as well as top combos, great boss battles and impressive cutscenes. Add to that some comics-like visuals and you’ll have in Shank a possible huge surprise of the year and probably a contender for the game of the Year award. Yes, it appears to be THAT good!

Even better is the fact that the game was actually kept a secret by Electronic Arts and it will see daylight sooner rather than later, in early Fall. Which is great, since it’s been a long time since I’ve played such an action-filled title myself.

And if you’re ready to get blown away, check out the first Shank trailer below and you’ll understand why I have such hopes with this upcoming title: