Fans of the Heroes of Might & Magic franchise should be very happy to hear that Ubisoft has plans to deliver Might & Magic Heroes VI sometime next year – and we have some early information about the game which promises to bring us a new era of might & magic. Let’s hope it does and we’ll finally have a game that will be able to challenge the greatness of HOMM 3.

First of all, as you probably noticed, the game won’t be called Heroes of Might & Magic anymore, but Might & Magic Heroes VI, which means that we’ll actually get more role-playing than ever (according to Ubisoft, of course, and not because the name change makes it obvious).

The game takes place 400 years after HOMM 5 and tells the story of the Griffin family that is torn apart by conflicts caused by their wish to rule over the lands (duhh!). An interesting thing is that in the campaign at least, players will create their own character instead of choosing from an existing list as it usually happened in the series – and each character will have a level cap of 30.

And if that sounds awful, the developers have promised that Might & Magic Heroes VI will bring different gameplay for the different races (think Starcraft II). And there will also be boss battles, battle goals and other stuff that, for some, will again sound at least intriguing.

There was no word on the only aspect that matters to me – the multiplayer and the custom maps. If they somehow decide to take these features out of the game, I will personally place the Heroes of Might & Magic on my little blacklist and build a shrine for HOMM 3.