In the upcoming Civilization 5, there will be a total of 18 civilizations and just as many leaders that we can choose from, a big step back when compared to the previous game, but certainly not one to upset the balance and variety of the game. In this article we’ll analyze the Civilization 5 civilizations, leaders and their special abilities and units. So let’s begin!

Leader: George Washington
Special Ability: Manifest Destiny
Special Unit: B17
Special Unit: Minutemen

Leader: Harun al-Rashid
Special Ability: Trade Caravans
Special Unit: Camel Archers
Special Building: Bazaar

Leader: Montezuma
Special Ability: Sacrificial Captives
Special Unit: Jaguar
Special Building: Floating Gardens

Leader: Wu Zetian
Special Ability: Art of War
Special Unit: Cho-Ko-Nue
Special Building: Paper Maker

Leader: Ramesses II
Special Ability: Monument Builders
Special Unit: War Chariot
Special Building: Burial Tomb

Leader: Elizabeth I
Special Ability: Sun Never Sets
Special Unit: Longbowman
Special Unit: Ship of the Line

Leader: Napoleon Bonaparte
Special Ability: Ancient Regime
Special Unit: Foreign Legion
Special Unit: Musketeer

Leader: Otto Von Bismarck
Special Ability: Furor Teutonicus
Special Unit: Landsknecht
Special Unit: Panzer

Leader: Alexander
Special Ability: Hellenic League
Special Unit: Champion Cavalry
Special Unit: Hoplite

Leader: Gandhi
Special Ability: Population Growth
Special Unit: War Elephant
Special Building: Mughal Fort

Leader: Hiawatha
Special Ability: The Great Warpath
Special Unit: Mohawk Warrior
Special Building: Longhouse

Leader: Oda Nobunaga
Special Ability: Bushido
Special Unit: Samurai
Special Unit: Zero

Leader: Suleiman the Magnificent
Special Ability: Barbary Corsairs
Special Unit: Janissary
Special Unit: Sipahi

Leader: Darius
Special Ability: Archaemenid Legacy
Special Unit: Immortal
Special Building: Satrap’s Court

Leader: Augustus Caesar
Special Ability: The Glory of Rome
Special Unit: Ballista
Special Unit: Legion

Leader: Catherine
Special Ability: Siberian Riches
Special Unit: Cossack
Special Building: Krepost

Leader: Ramkhamhaeng
Special Ability: Father Governs Children
Special Unit: Naresuan’s Elephant
Special Building: Wat

Leader: Askia
Special Ability: River Warlord
Special Unit: Mandekalu Cavalry
Special Building: Mud Pyramid Mosque

As you can see, the tactical choices will be very varied, especially since some civilizations will have more special units, while others will posses special buildings. Which one is your favorite?