hacker-evolutionIf you thought that hackers can and will only harm the world, exosyphen studios is here to prove you the contrary, with the release of Hacker Evolution: Untold, the latest title in their hacking simulation series. So put on your geek eyeglasses, grab an energizer and get ready for haxxing!

Hacker Evolution: Untold comes with a rather plausible story: an economic and systematic crisis has hit the world and no matter what they try to do, people seem to be unable to fix things around – or fix the problems they’ve brought, since the crisis is caused by computers who want to become the dominant species (can we blame them?).

So you’ll be put in the shoes of Brian Spencer, the developer of the technology that started all the madness. Your role is simple, yet hard to achieve: as Brian, you’ll have to use your hacking skills and save the world, alongside your reputation. So get ready for the challenge of your life!

Hacker Evolution: Untold can be purchased from the exosyphen studios’ official website for $24.95. Happy hacking!