Desirai and JohnIt’s not the first time we hear about two passionate gamers who will always relate a very important moment in their lives – let’s say their wedding – with a video game they love. This time, however, everything will be taken to a whole new level: a true, complete Halo wedding! So no, we’re not talking about using a game to propose or having a PlayStation-shaped cake, we’re talking about a full Halo-themed wedding – even the minister will wear a Master Chief armor!

According to MTV who has the story, Desirai Labrada, 29, and John Henry, 26 met four years ago while playing Halo, fell in love and eventually decided to marry. But since they were still big Halo fans and it was Bungie’s game that had brought them together, the couple decided to have a full Halo wedding. And they will!

With the help of quite a few sponsors, the couple managed to find a a florist to provide flowers (which will sport their “Halo” Spartan colors of crimson and royal blue), a jeweler (who wouldn’t make rings shaped like “Halo” halos, unfortunately) and a baker (which will make a Halo cake). Until now neither Microsoft nor Bungie contacted them, but we’re sure the companies are preparing a few surprises already.

The wedding will take place on January 17, 2009. The couple has a website dedicated to this special moment in their lives, so you can visit it for the latest updates. And if you get the feeling that it could’ve been you here, don’t worry – it’s not all lost! Just visit our list of games that can get you a girlfriend and you’re all set!