kratosExcept for winners, this year at the Spike Video Game Awards, we found out lots of interesting stuff about upcoming titles and most of the things we found out were quite surprising. For example, the highly anticipated God of War 3, the game that will look better than Gears 2, will be launched as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

It seems to be a rather strange move from Sony, having in mind that previous titles allowed us to play as Kratos on PSP consoles, too – but probably the company considers that having this multimillion selling game as a console exclusive (at least for a while) might sell them a few extra units. But these things matter the least right now – let’s find out the first few details on the game!

God of War 3 will be a single player only title in which Kratos will take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his quest to destroy Olympus – yes, our hero seeks revenge now on those who have betrayed him.

The game will be built on a brand new engine and Sony promise we’ll have some visuals as we’ve never seen before: with texture resolutions being quadrupled since God of War 2, dynamic lighting effects and more enemies on-screen than ever! Stay tuned with Unigamesity as we’ll deliver later today the first God of War trailer in our Video Watch feature!