The new mounts in Runes of MagicAll Runes of Magic players should be really excited to hear that they’re able to feel the love in the air of Taborea, since a Valentine’s Day even has just started in Runes of Magic. And since it’s a MMORPG we’re talking about, it will keep this event alive until the end of the real Valentine’s Day, on February 14.

During this time, you’ll be able to produce in-game chocolate and strengthen your character and you’ll also be able to obtain rose seeds on a daily basis. If cared for these flowers will bloom and grant growers a strong buff. To compensate players for all their efforts, roses will be exchanged for special gift boxes. With a bit of luck and perseverance, gardeners will find one of two time-limited mounts designed exclusively for this event: a Pegasus or unicorn. Also, those who collect 30 roses during the event will be awarded a special title as a reward – and something tells me it’s love-related.

And if this little Valentine’s Day makes you want even more, you should have no fear: Frogster promises this is just the first in an extensive series of events planned for Runes of Magic! So get out there and share the love!


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