Dragonica, a popular-ish free to play MMORPG will get an European launch this spring and, in order to make the game even more tempting, the game’s developers have announced that they’ll also introduce a PvP system for all players who reach Level 20. Things will get a lot more fun, that’s a sure fact!

Dragonica’s PvP features arcade-style action, a straightforward and easy to use interface and epic battles allowing up to ten players to battle head-to-head. Players have the choice of a variety of options to play alone or as part of a team, with free for all, team death matches and last-man-standing modes available. There are also plenty more modes to come including capture the flag and dedicated Guild War modes – which is pretty impressive for a completely free-to-play game.

Whether you are a hardcore or casual player, you can quickly jump between the main quest and battle modes. The developers say that starting or joining a multiplayer game in Dragonica is simple, easy to understand, and allows you to quickly get straight into the action with a click on the PvP button. From the matchmaking screen you can view your friends list to see who is online and join them, or browse through the games and join the match that best suits your mood and skill level. Check out Dragonica’s official website for more details.