the-witcherRumors started to hit the web this week claiming that The Witcher developers CD Projekt are having some deep financial problems that caused cancellation of two follow-up projects of the Witcher, as well as the console versions.

Various other reports suggest that the developers were also forced to can one unannounced title and lay off a big portion of their employees. Also, the reports are suggesting that CD Projekt is actually focusing all its strengths to developing The Witcher 2 (which was not yet announced officially) and it appears that the game is their life vest. Let’s hope it’s strong enough to keep them floating!

Even more, one CD Projekt representative has told website Big Download that they have had some layoffs, “as has been the case with a lot of other companies in the industry,” but offered assurance that it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Let’s hope that is correct and no financial problems are threatening the future of The Witcher or retro download website