You can’t get into the 80s vibe of this week’s theme without dressing up your pet in 80s clothes. Head over to the Clothes Shop to buy the 80s outfit or just go window shopping to see what’s in store for your pet.

For the boys you can purchase the Asymmetrical Short Wig, Red Bandana 80s Shirt, Double Belted Wristband, Zebra Print Pants, 80s Rocker Boots, Red Sneakers, and the Pink Sneakers.

Girls can purchase This Week’s Special, which include Animal Print 80s Headband, Brown 80s Leggings, Animal Print 80s Dress, Bordeaux High Heels, and the Pink and Brown 80s Bangles. Regular 80s items for girls consist of Asymmetrical Short Wig, Medium Bob Wig, Blue and Fuchsia 80s Dress, Black Sparkling Ribbon, Black 80s Leggings, Blue Legwarmers and Shoes, Red Sneakers, and the Pink Sneakers.

For your pet’s accessories, you can opt for one of This Week’s Special, which are Funky Pink Shades and the Pink and Brown 80s Bangles. Or you can go for the Funky Blue Shades, Double Belted Wristband, or a Colorful Digital Watch.

Pet Society asks you why walk when you can skate and offers two types of Roller Skates. These are the Pink and White Roller Skates and the Blue and Yellow Roller Skates.