A new week, a new mystery box released by Zynga: this time on May 18th we got the FarmVille brown and yellow mystery box and, since I’m sure you’re curious to find out what’s inside, I’m going to share the details with you. So here are the gifts inside this week’s mystery box:

– Cactus Inn and 500 XP
– Rock Hot Tub and 300 XP
– Oasis and 400 XP
– Big Horn Sheep and 250 XP
– Adobe Shop and 400 XP
– Wood Chuck and 150 XP

All the items are indeed amazingly beautiful, especially the Hot Tub and Cactus Inn, so if you want some limited edition on your farm, now it would be a good time to invest in them!

Like always, the Brown&Yellow FarmVille mystery box is available for one week and costs 16 FV cash. What did you get inside yours?

[image credits: FarmVille Freak]