Three new buildings and four new decorations, all of them Italian-themed, mark the introduction of the Tuscany theme in FarmVille – an unimpressive release that will most likely help us keep some extra money in our virtual (or not) pockets. Either way, here are the Tuscan-themed buildings you can buy for a limited time in FarmVille:

– Fattoria – for 36 FV Cash
– Tuscan Barn – for 30 FV Cash
– Tuscan Tool Shed – for 24 FV Cash

As I said, four new decorative items can be purchased in the game, again with the nicest of them costing FarmVille cash:

– Bee Catcher – for 12 FV Cash
– Oak Tree – for 4 FV Cash
– Tuscan Bench – for 1,800 coins
– Tuscan Fence – for 1,000 coins

You can click the thumbnail in the upper left corner to see these new tuscany-themed items. Are you going to purchase any for your farm?