Got Your FishVille VIP Fish?

Got Your FishVille VIP Fish?

Zynga just introduced a new feature to FishVille: the VIP Fish, a couple of fish that help you level up as fast as possible… for a price! To learn everything about this new feature and how to use the VIP Fish for your advantage, read on – it’s that simple!

So… what are these VIP Fish? Two really special fish that will help you level up much faster than other fish because their value increases to match your level – so the higher the level you have, the bigger the experience gained from the fish. For me, for example, at level 50, here are the stats for each fish:

Convict Surgeon VIP Fish costs 75 coins to purchase, sells for 937 coins and gives 735 XP
Kole Tang VIP Fish costs 60 coins to purchase, sells for 502 coins and gives 610 XP

Please note that you need a pass to unlock the FishVille VIP Fish, and that costs Sand Dollars: 15 for the Kole Tang and 25 for the Convict Surgeon! Once you purchase the pass, you will be allowed to purchase an unlimited number of VIP Fish.

Probably this feature is best suited for low level players who want to level up ASAP – high players probably have no reason to spend money on the VIP Fish to gain extra levels. What do you think?