titanfall beta impressions 1Respawn Entertainment have said they are currently working to eliminate cheaters in Titanfall.

In a message on their Twitter page, the studio stated: “Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We’re logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly.”

The developer announced that an example of cheating they were cracking down on include the use of aimbots to boost kill count.

A number of other issues related to Titanfall have been added to a ‘known issues’ page posted by EA and Respawn, and offer workarounds to some problems such as gaming glitches and other problems affecting people’s gameplay.

Elsewhere in the Titanfall world, producer Drew McCoy has revealed some upcoming fixes and extra features the game will be adding, following a question and answer session on Twitter (thanks MP1st).

In the discussion, McCoy revealed that Respawn are working on getting private matches included, so you can play amongst people of your choosing, whilst work on tweaking both matchmaking and lobbies is currently an ‘ongoing effort’, with data being collected to try and improve it.

Other things being discussed was work on sorting out the chat problems being encountered by some users on Xbox One.

Extra game modes are being considered, but nothing concrete has been decided on, however McCoy did say not to expect an increase on the 6v6 games soon, explaining to one fan: “Any change, especially player count, is a huge deal for a tightly designed game like this, more than you could imagine.”

He also noted that a companion app, which was delayed from the games launch, would be ‘coming soon’.

What are your thoughts on the possible fixes and additions? What would you like changed or added to Titanfall in the future?