Volition, the developers of the Red Faction franchise, just announced that there will be a new “baby” in the family: Red Faction Armageddon, the direct sequel of Red Faction Guerrilla and a title fans of the FPS genre are certainly wish to put their hands on already.

The game was announced via a trailer that, of course, doesn’t say too much but just enough to get us asking for more: humans are now living in the undergrounds of the red planet and, as expected, they’re not alone there: Red Faction goes underground only to find Armageddon in the mines their ancestors built. We’re expecting to see a very Dead Space-like game with alien encounters ready to send the chills down our spines, and everything will arrive sooner than some might have expected: Volition announced that Red Faction Armageddon will be released in March 2011.

But until more details arrive, why not check out the first Red Faction Armageddon trailer and tell us what you think about it: will the game rock or suck?