Good Modern Warfare 2 Camping Locations

Good Modern Warfare 2 Camping Locations

We must admit it that usually nobody likes a camper, but sometimes you just feel like sitting in the best hidden spot a game has to offer and taking away, one after another, the enemies. In this article I am going to share with you some tips regarding the best camping locations in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But be warned: you won’t get too much love for camping!

Highrise Map – Best Camping Location

This is a difficult spot to get to, but it can get you a decent amount of victims: near the stairs that lead to the helipad – simply go towards the bricks and jump on the cleaning cradle (it’s right before entering the covered walkway). From here you can get some spawn kills at the broken window spawning point and the hate of the enemy players!

Afghan Map – Best Camping Location

Again, I’m not going to share with you the over-used anti-aircraft camping spot, but one that fewer players know and can give you an advantage for a short while: get up the wing of the aircraft and run towards the vent box, then jump on it. Once there, notice a rocky ledge to the right: that’s your spot! You don’t have too much cover there (none at all, to be precise), but you can still take a few players by surprise and grab a few victims!

Estate Map – Best Camping Location

This MW2 map seems to be one made for camping with so many good locations to camp (the boat house’s roof, the walls near the balcony and so on). However, my favorite is the small bathroom! Simply enter the small bathroom and jump on the sink, then walk away from the door. For maximum destruction, you can place a claymore in the middle of the room and use a powerful rifle to take down players running by! However, be warned that once your location is known, you’re easily to be taken off with a frag grenade…

Derail Map – Best Camping Location

People will usually camp in the central building, but I have a different spot for you: go to the bridge towards the box car and hide behind it. It can be a good camping location and not many players use it or even care about it!

Karachi Map – Best Camping Location

Most people love to camp on the Rooftop, but I have another suggestion: you will have to use this glitch to get outside the map, then climb on the rooftop of the building outside (again, use this video as inspiration, since it’s really difficult to explain).

And if these camping locations are not enough for you, here is an already famous video showing you a bunch of other good (but usually well known) camping locations for Modern Warfare 2:


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Campers suck. It’s even worse in black ops. Not buying the next COD. Battlefield is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better. That game doesn’t reward douche bags who want to sit there for 50 seconds doing nothing just because they know where a spot is.

Camping is not a strategy in COD — it’s an exploit based on how many hours someone has played so they know all the flaws in a map.